This course covers the key aspects of industrial instrumentation and is designed to enable maintenance personnel to carry out commissioning, calibration and maintenance of the typical devices used for measurement in industrial systems. The course is ideal for those who presently possess some electrical knowledge, work in a maintenance environment and seek to expand their activities to include process control and instrumentation systems. The course is extensively ‘hands on’, giving participants considerable practical experience of the devices typically found in industry.

Course Content:

  • Basic Control Systems
  • Transmitters/Sensors
  • Photoelectric, Proximity, Encoder
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Working Principle, Types, Selection Guidelines
  • Flow Measurement, Working Principle, Types
  • Pressure Measurement, Working Principle, Types
  • Level Measurement, Working Principle, Types
  • Load Measurement, Load Cells
  • Solenoid Valves, Control Valves, Smart Transmitters
  • Instrument Transformers (CT, PT)
  • Process Controllers (On-Off, PID)