You are on the verge of choosing your first job. It is utmost essential at this juncture to know that selection of the first job is crucial from your point of view.


Many engineers are leading an unsatisfied life only because of wrong selection of the first job , even though they have great abilities. When I get opportunity to chat with fresh engineers , my favourite question is

"What are your criteria of good job ?" Mostly, the replies include

  • Good salary
  • No travelling
  • Chance for a foreign assignment
  • Office ( AC ) job & not a field job

I have met numerous engineers from industries at different positions & after analysing , I concluded that following ones should be the criteria of a good job

  • Salary Growth
  • Knowledge
  • Creative
  • Secured

You may get a good starting salary . But if the salary is not increased in future, then you are stuck. For a good career, starting salary is not important , but continuous growth in salary is important. For this growth , the company needs to be progressive & your value addition to the company should be so important that management should have no other alternative but to increase your salary every year .

You will agree with me that the knowledge acquired by the engineering graduates in India is neither sufficient nor in line with requirement of industries . Additionally as an engineer, survival for next 40 years will depend upon only knowledge . So, it is must to acquire knowledge to survive. Now, where can one get the practical knowledge in line with industrial requirement ? It is only at the industries, that too , if you select a job which is knowledge based. i.e. you will keep on gaining knowledge as you work. So, this becomes important criteria from the future point of view. So, you need to select a knowledge based job for survival irrespective of the starting salary.

I'm sure that you will reject a job of just standing on an assembly line even though you are offered a good starting salary . Why ??? Because , you know you will get bored & frustrated after few days . There will not be any creativity in the job. What is creativity in Engg .? It is application of mind , knowledge attitude to solve some problem or to innovate . e,g design of a system, troubleshooting of a machine , programming etc. Such challenges of innovation & problem solving will not only make your job interesting but also make you wiser, more knowledgeable day by day. This improves your ability to add more value in your job, which ultimately ensures your career growth.

Important aspect of a good job is job security. Security of job comes from two perspectives .

First comes from the ability of the employer to sustain . e.g a govt. Job or a job of highly stable industry e.g. Siemens, ABB . L&T etc...

Another perspective is your ability . As discussed earlier, if your value adding ability to the company is very important , then your company will not dare to fire you.

So, everybody will have a dream of working at a highly stable company. However , if your ability is not giving justice to the job, then you are likely to be fired by a multinational company also.

So, if I need to summarise the facts, then I would strongly suggest to select the first job without looking at the starting salary. The first job should be a knowledge based job , which will increase your ability to such a level that not only you will get a job at a highly secured organisation but also enable you to grow.


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