Drives And Motors

Learn drive and motor theories practically through real-time applications and software designing with a better understanding with DIAC.

AC drives and motors are used in the variety of industries such as in steel, textile, mills and paper industry. These industries always look for the trained and skilled workforce that has full knowledge of working and handle of motors and drives.

DIAC create novel and interactive learning solutions for students enabling them to master their automotive skills in technical systems. We have partnerships with different companies to provide them with an unmatched workforce. Our learning solutions are designed and built by employees who are experts in their field, integrating the best practices in education and training to deliver knowledge and skills for real jobs. Our success is defined by an ability to provide these solutions with world-class service and support.

Our Drives and Motor Training covers all the necessary steps to install and program AC drives such as VFD (Variable Frequency Drives), and Servo Drives in different control systems. AC Drives are used for controlling the speed, operations control, direction and of the Motor.

We provide training in AC Drives, AC Motors and electromechanical theories that are most widely used in the industries. Students learn practical knowledge as well as the functioning of various parts of the electromechanical systems.

Our course material includes high-quality tutorial videos on different Programming factors that make the operations of motor control efficient. We explain every theory practically through real-time applications and software designing for a better understanding of every concept.

DIAC offers industrial training system features with different frequency drives, multi-turn speed control potentiometers, dynamic braking and ramping to help students to get ready for situations that they will face during their job. The main contents of the course include:

  • AC Motors, Operations & Limitations
  • DC Motors, Operations
  • Motors Starters: DOL, Star-Delta
  • Drives AC, DC
  • Hardwired Control
  • Communication Control
  • Criteria for Drives Selection
  • Parameter Programming
  • Soft Starters and their Advantages Over
  • Conventional Starters

All the above courses are designed as per the latest industry trends and are given on real-time projects.

  • Degree/Diploma in Electronics & Communication,Electrical Instrumentation / Mechanical
  • Working Professional
  • Pursuing Students / Summer/Winter Training / Project

Our unmatched quality training program offers in-depth learning process. Students will learn main topics such as speed control from basic to advance level through our teaching techniques. Students can apply these skills in industrial applications.

With the highly skilled faculty and supportive management, we strive to create a future generation of the brilliant engineers excelling in all technical fields of automation sector. In future, we plan to carry forward our high-tech training programs to guide every study enthusiast and promote the intellectual growth of the engineers with advanced training platforms.


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