DIAC PLC experts make your PLC networking learning a pleasant educational experience.

PLC (Power Line Communication) networking is used in different industries for controlling variety of processes. Our mission is to provide high-tech PLC networking training with supreme quality and consistent performance. We intend to transfer the full range of practical knowledge through our highly professional faculty to in the field of industrial networking.

Students acquire knowledge of PLC networking, instructions, applications, programming, troubleshooting as well as interfacing. Our training process enhances the logical and mathematical concepts of the trainees. The training program offers understanding and practical exposure of the PLC networking to the aspiring candidates. We offer high-quality certified courses and assist students in taking part in various placements procedures.

Our experts make PLC networking learning an enjoyable and educational experience. The teachers encourage students at all levels of the course to design and follow real-life industrial examples. This process helps the students to learn how to manage settings in manufacturing and industrial plants. Students who are familiar with actual industrial systems have chances of getting placed in industries involving PLC networking.

Choosing DIAC can help you fulfil all your desired technical knowledge. Our training process helps you with the networking procedures quickly and cost-effectively so that you can only concentrate on getting a suitable job. We not only assist in training but also partner with companies that want candidates excelling in networking knowledge to help with their business activities.

Our PLC networking course covers the basics of PLC networking through interactive study material, PowerPoint presentations and notes on PAC-PLC Networking. The significant courses covered in this section include:

  • Node, Port, Drives, Topologies, Hardware
  • Different Industrial Network: DH-485P
  • Ethernet IP, Device Net, Control Net

Features of the Course

  • Best Industry Skills
  • Value-added soft skills
  • Competency certifications
  • Interviews for placements

You can convert your dream into reality as you can start your training right away with us in the correct order. We have helped various aspiring candidates to shape their careers without any hassles. All our training are certified making us the best training provider in India.

>p?Through our training programs, we strive to prepare the diploma holders and engineers with all professional characteristics to excel in the professional field. Different training materials and modules are developed by the experts to help engineers make the best use of the various available career options.

With the highly skilled faculty and supportive management, we strive to create a future generation of the brilliant engineers excelling in all technical fields of automation sector. In future, we plan to carry forward our high-tech training programs to guide every study enthusiast and promote the intellectual growth of the engineers with advanced training platforms.


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