DIAC process instrumentation training focuses on the overall skill development by enhancing monitoring, constellating and processing skills of the students.

The technique of Process instrumentation measures various variables such as pressure, turbidity, temperature etc. at the industrial level. There are different types of measuring instruments that monitor and control these variables. Our automotive training expertise and focus on the overall development of the students have made us a trusted institution for all types of industrial training.

This discipline is useful in both electronics as well as electrical engineering. In today’s world of automation, there are many students who are willing to launch their career in Process Instrumentation. Our detailed course covers the main features of industrial instrumentation that helps the persons maintaining the instruments to carry out calibration as well as maintenance of the devices used in the measurement process.

Our course is most suitable for the candidates who already possess some kind of electrical knowledge, the experience of working in maintenance environment and the ones who want to expand their activities in instrumentation systems and process control. The course extensively gives practical experience of industrial devices.

We provide learning by smart technology and expert teaching faculty that helps in creating value enabling students to be innovators and pioneers and in their fields of study and growth. Our mission is to offer broad-ranging training in the areas of automation, control and measurement.We aim to create a courage among studentsto innovate.

  • Degree/Diploma in Electronics & Communication,Electrical Instrumentation / Mechanical
  • Working Professional
  • Pursuing Students / Summer/Winter Training / Project

The instrumentation and control engineer develop, design, manage and maintain a variety of instruments and the instrumentation systems. Our course material includes different modules and is well-prepared from theoretical as well as practical point of view. The courses are certified as per IT industry standards. The certificate is given to the students after the completion of all the modules including assessments and final exams.

Our institute will make you expert in the following sections:

  • Basic Control Systems
  • Transmitters/Sensors
  • Photoelectric, Proximity, Encoder
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Working Principle, Types, Selection Guidelines
  • Flow Measurement, Working Principle, Types
  • Pressure Measurement, Working Principle, Types
  • Level Measurement, Working Principle, Types
  • Load Measurement, Load Cells
  • Solenoid Valves, Control Valves, Smart Transmitters
  • Instrument Transformers (CT, PT)
  • Process Controllers (On-Off, PID)

All our training is provided by committed professionals who are willing to support. We try to offer you high-level learning opportunities that will develop and enhance your knowledge, education as well as career. It will help you to make the necessary contributions to society and organisations. After the completion of the course, students will have a stronger understanding of the fundamentals and practices of process instrumentation.


Get trained by highly experienced professionals to be job ready.