Learn from the basic to advance principles of robotics with robotic techniques equipped classroom and robotics simulation software with DIAC.

The field of Robotics is very vast. It consists of design, development, programming, engineering, and testing. This technique is growing rapidly due to the advancement of the internet of things as well as big data techniques. Now, the machines have the ability to perform almost every task from data learning to data processing. Robotics techniques, as well as its applications, are found in the different type of industries from automotive to pharmaceuticals.

Learn how to manipulate robotics techniques and gain experience of the complete robot systems through our robotic training process. We welcome students to join our innovating and exciting Robotics Training modules that help you to shape your creativity along with nurturing thoughts and create complex machines by using mechanical parts, electronics, and IT Programming. We involve young aspirants in productive activities through our training program so that they can become the leaders in the field of robotics knowledge.

Robotics Training

Over the last few years, we have been providing training programs in the field of robotics by collaborating with different companies excelling in Robotics. We are ranked among the top educational institutions in the area of training, workshops and certifications. We are leaders in providing training of robotics supplying, training as well as maintenance of Robotics Lab equipment with services of high standards.

Our mission is to introduce a curriculum to help students learn the basic principles of robotics to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. Our training Laboratories is equipped with necessary robotic techniques, and the classroom computers have robotics simulation software for students to practice.

We promote the Robotics Education among engineers through our training workshops and help students to show up their creative skills. The training process allows engineers to enter in the actual world of Robotics and craft ability in the vast field of these developing technologies.

Due to the growing opportunities and demand for robotics, we offer robotics training at our institute through our expertise faculties. The main components of the course include industrial robots, applications of robots, designing, assembling and programming of the robots. In addition, we also provide training in machine learning, visual intelligence, robot control and dynamics and artificial intelligence. Our course duration includes regular training, short and long-term training, weekend training, six-months training, summer/winter training as well as customised training.

Our experienced faculty have made different robotics models to help the students learn this technology like an expert. They teach them in such a way that the students enjoy the technique and removing the fear of robotics learning.All the courses are certified and all trainees receive Industrial Training certificate at the end of the training course.

  • Degree/Diploma in Electronics & Communication,Electrical Instrumentation / Mechanical
  • Working Professional
  • Pursuing Students / Summer/Winter Training / Project


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