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Salesforce Admin (201) Course Content 

Getting Started

Understanding the basics of Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Administration.

Salesforce Editions and Features

The various Salesforce Editions – Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Typical Salesforce Project Life Cycle

The various stages of a Salesforce Project Life Cycle, creating applications, creating the first object and fields, working on invoice object and line items objects, creating relationships between objects, and understanding the significance.

Workflow Creation

Creating workflow for various tasks like deducting stock from inventory, understanding the validation rule for verifying stock availability, field dependencies, making field mandatory and field dependencies, lock child record based on parent, colored field based on pick list, assign Record Types and Page Layouts in Enhanced Profile User Interface.

CRM Overview

Understand the basics of CRM, the concept of cloud computing in CRM, introduction to Salesforce Developer Community, standard business objects and custom business objects, Salesforce relationships and Salesforce Data Model.

Salesforce Admin Processes

The various tasks associated with a Salesforce Admin like customization, development, user maintenance, designing and managing ongoing development, communicating new releases and enhancement, maintenance, analytics, reports and dashboard activities.

Introduction Salesforce Security

Introduction to Salesforce security, key issues, and best practices.

User Creation

Process of creating new users, freezing inactive users.

Login and access management

Providing the right access to the right personnel, system admin login access.


Designing the user profiles depending on the job role and description.

Organization Wide Default

Setting up baseline access for records, it determining which persons in the hierarchy have access to objects, the various OWD permission settings, Private, Public Read, Public Read/Write, Public Read/Write/Transfer.


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