We enable our trainers to maintain, detect, tune, and carry out effective and fault-free set up, of Servo motor systems.

Servo motors are key mantra of simple machine operations of complex industrial endeavours. Thus, it is very simple to understand how skilled workers and professionals are using the principles of servo motors to improve their competitive advantage at work. DIAC is one-stop solution for engineering operations and maintenance courses that is designed to improve motor and servo proficiency in the engineering students who wants to make their career in Servo motor skills.

DIAC experts give you chance to brush up attendees theoretical and practical knowledge of servo motors. DIAC servo motor training can help attendees to understand the basics of AC and DC motors. Our experts highlight all common terms and definitions including protective measures, and a range of kinds of motor enclosures.

Our experts know the industrial requirement for increasingly precise motion control has turned to an enormous increase in the use of stepper and servo systems. The obvious complexity of these systems frequently persuades maintenance managers to outsource the maintenance conditions. Our comprehensive course is intended to enable the maintenance engineer to correctly set up, tune, maintain and carry out effective fault-finding of Servo motor systems, without the need to outsource.

It offers comprehensive and completive learning environment for anyone who is required to maintain or arrange servo systems, there is no bar that only engineering students can go for this training. A small understanding or knowledge of basic electrical principles is advantageous, apart from this, there is no prior knowledge of motor theory or electronics is necessary to get enrolled with our training course. The real time experience of configuring, fault-finding and maintenance demonstration and purpose-built training rigs allows considerable experience to be gained on a servo motor control systems. The course experts also make you enable to take support by comprehensive course notes.

  • Degree/Diploma in Electronics & Communication,Electrical Instrumentation / Mechanical
  • Working Professional
  • Pursuing Students / Summer/Winter Training / Project

  • On completion of the course, participants will be able to understand each and every aspect of servo motors, its working and maintenance.
  • We focus on making them understand safe working practices when working with stepper or servo systems
  • Depth knowledge of the principles of operations of servo systems
  • know how to precisely configure, operate and observe servo systems
  • Recognize and correct configuration errors
  • Distinguish between drive faults, motor faults and power faults
  • Discrimination between control / power circuit drive faults
  • Understand the concepts of fieldbus communications.
  • Certificate of competence of Servos motor course.

Our Experts begin by making you analyse the range of motion control methods usually used in industry - positional control, speed control and torque control. We focus from beginning and end at the most complex situation. We discuss different applications of control methodologies by describing the common needs of packing machines, palletizers, robots, etc.

We offer depth understanding on servo systems work, its maintenance issues and potential issues associated with them. We focus on enhancing depth knowledge on problems of renewal, causes of servomotor bearing breakdown, the impacts of mechanical shocks on servomotors etc. Our experts make our attendees proficient enough to tackle any kind of motor issue by approaching the best and long-lasting solution. Our experts focus to brush up fundamental knowledge of electrical also so that participants can understand the motor concepts easily and can grab the best job opportunity without any hindrance.


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